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Complementary tips and information to increase your visibility and security

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These complimentary information sheets and guides will help you increase your visibility and protect your business and customer data fast!   It won't cost you a penny.

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Top 3 Reasons
You're Stuck in Spam

If you have an email list and you're tired of low open rates you need to read this guide. Discover the top 3 reasons you're stuck in spam AND how to fix it.

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Top 25 Spammy Words to Avoid

Spammy words and phrases could be blocking your emails from your readers. Learn the words and behaviors you needs to stop using to get your emails to the inbox.

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Top 3 Zoom Security Tips

Secure Zoom fast with these 3 tips.

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Social Engineering

This information sheet gives you a rundown of the tactics used in Social Engineering and tips on how to spot it so you don't get conned.


Business Email Compromise

This information sheet gives you a quick rundown on Business Email Compromise including an example email scam.

Social Engineering

Stop Zoom Bombings

These tips will help you secure Zoom meetings to reduce the risk of Zoom bombings.

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Working Securely from Home

These tips will help you work safely from home whether your a small business owner or employed by someone else.

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