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I'm here to help you increase the visibility and security of your business online.  If you have an email list, and you're tired of going to spam and having low open rates I can help.  If you don't have the time for the tech it's not a problem I offer this solution as done for you service. Read on to discover additional cybersecurity consulting and training services available.

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Increase email open rates

Do you have an email list? Are your emails going to spam? Do you have low open rates?  I can help you increase your visibility and grow your business faster by increasing your email list open rates by 10% to 30% by getting you into the inbox the first time. If you want people to read your emails you need this.

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Data protection consulting

Keep your business info safe with the most advanced security and encryption protocols. Don't let a breach destroy your business and reputation. Unfortunately, we live in a digital world where your data is only as safe as how you've protected it. Let me design a data protection solution for you. 

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Speaking Engagements & Podcasts

Stacy Eldridge is available to speak at your next meeting, event, or Podcast. A variety of topics such as the top reasons you're going to spam, data protection, business email compromise, social engineering, cyber security, and digital forensics are offered.

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Training and Education

Let me create a custom cybersecurity awareness training and education solution to meet your needs. I offer one-on-one training, one hour presentations, customized classes, and everything in between 

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Free Info Sheets

View my library of free information sheets and tips that are designed to help you keep your business and customer data safe.

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Date Recovery & Digital Investigations

Coming soon.

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Live Online Course
Email Impersonator Syndrome Solved

Get in the inbox. Increase visibility. Increase open rates. Increase Sales. Did you know that your email list is the #1 tool in your digital marketing toolbox? But it's hard to share you're message when you're stuck in spam.  If you aren't being seen then you aren't growing your business. I'll teach you how to get out of spam, get seen, and increase open rates by mastering the system that delivers your emails straight to the inbox. Stop being mistaken for spam today.

Use Zoom Securely Like a Pro An Online Course

On Demand Course
Use Zoom Securely Like a Pro

Use Zoom Securely Like a Pro: The complete guide to get up and running securely with Zoom. This course is for anyone who hosts Zoom meetings. This course will teach you everything you need to know about Zoom security settings. You'll learn how to stop Zoom bombings, stop meeting disruptions, and even schedule large public meetings. It also includes downloadable checklists so you don't miss a step!

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