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If you're looking for data protection and cybersecurity solutions then you've come to the right place! Stacy Eldridge is focused on providing data protection services to entrepreneurs and small businesses in Lincoln, Omaha, and surrounding areas in Nebraska, and virtually across the United States. Silicon Prairie Cyber Services formulates data protection strategies to protect your business, your information, and your customers using a framework proven to prevent attacks. She also provides cybersecurity awareness training and education. Stacy's years of expertise make her uniquely suited to help you keep your data safe while you achieve your goals. Best of all it won't break the bank.

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Stacy Eldridge is passionate about guiding clients to data protection solutions tailored to meet their needs. Her services and strategies are constantly evolving as new tech emerges.

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Expand the reach of your email list

If you keep getting stuck in spam you need this! Stacy Eldridge's solution helps you increase your visibility and grow your business faster by increasing your email list open rates by 10% to 30% by implementing a technical system for you. 

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Data protection consulting

Let me help you break the code on data protection. Stacy Eldridge helps you take the guess work out of protecting your business, your information, and your customers.

How we'll work together

  1. COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY SESSION:  Let's learn about each other!  Book Now!

  2. Review your current data protection strategy.

  3. Identify and prioritize you data.

  4. Develop a customized 3-phased approach to close the gaps.

Let’s focus on securing what you have – not buying a bunch of new technology.

My recommendations are based upon a methodology that is proven to prevent actual attacks. With nearly 20 years of experience in the FBI, data loss prevention, and cybersecurity I know what works. I put my experience to work for you.

Book your COMPLIMENTARY discovery session now to learn how I can help YOU protect your business and customers.

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