Take your email from spam to seen!

Get in the inbox. Increase visibility. Increase open rates. Increase Sales.

Email Impersonator Syndrome Solved THE online Course - Enrolling soon!

It's hard to share your message when you're always stuck in spam.
Let me teach you how to get into the inbox.

Can you answer yes to 3 or more of these questions?

Do you have an email list with low open rates?

Do you want to increase visibility of your business via email but keep getting stuck in spam?

Are you tired of telling people to check their spam and to add your email address to contacts?

woman at laptop biting pencil

Are you struggling to get eyeballs on your emails?

Do you need to increase clickthrough rates and website traffic to meet conversion goals?

Have you tried it all? Catchy subject lines, engaging content, & storytelling, but still feel invisible?

If you can...
Then you've got a case of Email Impersonator Syndrome

As small business owners, you and I have faced many of the same struggles.

What’s your biggest struggle? If you're anything like me, it’s visibility.

How can people buy products and services from you if they don’t know about you?
How can you gain enough visibility for people to know, like, and trust you so that they buy from you? The #1 tool to create that know, like, and trust aspect is by having an email list.

But what good is an email list when you keep getting sent to spam?

• You’ve tried all the things to get your ideal client to READ your emails.
• You’ve downloaded the freebies that promised subject lines to “Boost Open Rates,” and are “Guaranteed to get Attention.”
• You’ve googled email marketing strategies to increase open rates and how to get out of spam.
• Perhaps you’ve even worked with a copywriting specialist to write engaging content.

After all that hard work, you feel defeated because your open rates remain low.
You’re still struggling to be seen and increase your visibility because you keep getting stuck in spam. You're frustrated. You feel like it's all a waste of time.

I know how to stay out of spam AND I can teach you.

Stacy Eldridge at laptop

Did you know Email Impersonator Syndrome is the leading cause of getting stuck in spam?

Just like a person who is pretending to be someone else, an impersonation email is pretending to be FROM someone else. At first glance, an impersonation email seems like it's from a client, business associate, a friend, or even your bank. But it’s NOT. It’s from a cybercriminal trying to lure you in so he can steal your money or wreak havoc on your business.

Cybersecurity systems don’t like impersonators. When these protection systems think you’re an impersonator, they send you straight to spam.

If you haven't added your email marketing service provider to the approved list then you've got a case of Email Impersonator Syndrome.


The Results

You're in the Inbox!
People are seeing your emails!

Increased visibility, open rates, and conversion rates.

Increased brand reputation.

Woman smiling

Your email marketing service provider is on the approved list.

A deeper connection with your list.

BONUS: Security! Block unauthorized use of your domain and block phishing emails!.


  1. Why you keep getting stuck in spam
  2. How to master the system that will deliver your emails straight to inboxes of your email list
  3. How to add your email marketing service provider the approved sender list
  4. How to add additional services to the approved sender list

Get ready for higher open rates and increased visibility because your emails are actually in the inbox! 

AND... I'm including a ton of BONUSES that will help you take your brand to another level.

Tricks of the Trade

I am an FBI digital investigator turned cybersecurity guru turned email delivery specialist. My interesting background makes me the perfect person to help you beat that nasty email impersonator syndrome and increase your visibility.
How do I take your emails from spam to seen?  I do this through system configurations. This is about facts and constants. This isn’t about catchy subject lines, engaging content, or pretty pictures. This is something YOU can control step by step. I will teach what you need to know to make this work for you.

Here's What You'll Get

6 Weeks of Live Teaching Sessions


I'll be teaching you the ins and outs of the system live each week.  You'll can ask your questions after the teaching portion.

On Demand Replays


Whether you missed the live session or want to watch it again every recording is available at your fingertips.

2 Live Q&A Sessions


If it involves tech there will be questions!  Not to worry, I'll be available live twice during the course to answer any questions you have.



These workbooks will guide you in gathering all the information you need to successfully implement this system.



I'm including all the templates you need to get started.  This will help you minimize errors and get you on the road to success.

Private Facebook Group


Learn along side a supportive community in our private Facebook Group. I'll be in there daily to answer your questions.  



The content and material included in this course are valued at over $3,200.


You get even MORE BONUSES worth an additional $800!

Total Value OVER $4,000

Scroll down for more info on bonuses...


I'm offering exclusive pricing for the BETA launch of this course.

The next time this course launches it will be $1998. 

All this for your Investment of $995

Week by Week

for Email Impersonator Syndrome Solved

The Fundamentals

Lesson 1
You’ll receive an overview of the system that helps send emails straight to inboxes including
• What it is
• How it works
• How to check your current status

What good is improvement without metrics?
• Discover the metrics to track
• Learn industry averages
• Set target goals

Set It Up

Lesson 2
In this lesson, you’ll put your hands on the keyboard as we begin.

I’ll teach you how to enable and configure the system that is fundamental to delivering emails to inboxes.

Templates are provided to minimize errors.

The Gatekeeper

Lesson 3
Discover the framework that’s used for approving and rejecting emails.

Learn how to enable these policies for your business.

Q&A Week

During this session I'm available live to answer all your questions.

Back It Up

Lesson 4
We all know it’s good to have a backup, especially when it comes to technology.

I’ll teach you how to implement a backup system, so if one system ever goes wacky, your emails will still be delivered.

Goodbye Spam

Lesson 5
Learn how to add your email marketing service provider to the system.

Now your newsletters and emails are visible in the inbox.

Say goodbye to getting stuck in spam.

But Wait

Lesson 6
Your email marketing service is on the approved list now.


You might have additional systems sending out emails for you.

I’ll teach you how to add the other systems into your approved senders' list too.

Q&A Week

During this session I'm available live to answer all your questions.

You get even more!

Bonus 1


Have you ever noticed that some companies include their logo next to their emails in your inbox?

I’ll teach you how to use this fun feature to help your brand stand out and give customers confidence that your emails are legit.

Presented by
Stacy Eldridge

Worth $200

Bonus 2


Take your marketing strategy to the next level. 
This bonus includes:

1. How to build
your email list

2. How to get it just right (what's too much and what's not enough?)

3. Warming your list up to do business with you!

Presented by
Shannon Lee Strategy

Worth $200 

Bonus 3


Coming Soon!

Worth $200 

Bonus 4


Coming Soon!

Worth $200 

Why Stacy Eldridge

Stacy helps small businesses increase visibility and brand awareness by taking their email from spam to seen.

Through 20 years of investigative and security work in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the private sector, Stacy's learned how cyber criminals think and attack. She's also learned all about the protection systems placed between you and the inbox. These protection systems make it hard for you to reach your ideal client via email because those systems think you're an impersonator and keep sending you to spam. 

Stacy knows how to beat email impersonator syndrome because she knows its leading causes.

Stacy will teach you how to configure the technical systems to say these emails are legit ---> let them through. You will gain visibility because more people will see your emails because they are finally landing in their inbox!

Stacy has spoken at the Nebraska Cybersecurity Conference, Association of Information Technology Professionals, FemCity, This Is It TV, Women in Tech of the Heartland, and the SCC Entrepreneurship Center. Stacy is a licensed private detective and has the following certifications: GSEC, GCCC, GCFE, ACE, and CFCE. Stacy received her Master of Science from Bellevue University in 2006.

Stacy resides in Bennet, NE with her husband and son, and looks forward to traveling the world again someday soon! 

Stacy Eldridge Headshot


Mandy Peterson

Stacy is very helpful and professional! They walked me through every step of my problem and how they were going to handle it, keeping me updated along the way. I will definitely be back for their help and guidance in the future!


I took the Zoom class and it was truly amazing to secure your video conferences. I would highly recommend Stacy for these classes and your cyber services. 

Jody Fayman

I am no expert when it comes to cyber security. Stacy did a great job helping me with a recommendation for cyber security. She did a follow up with me to make sure that I had all of the right settings. Stacy made it very understandable for me. Thank you Stacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

for Email Impersonator Syndrome Solved

The next course launch date is still being determined at this time  

Classes will be live every week at 1 PM CT for 8 weeks. 
There will be time for questions as the end of every live session.

If you have an email list your should take this course!

Here's a list of people and roles this course is going to help
• Small business owners managing their own email list
• Virtual assistants managing email lists for others
• Technical virtual assistants
• Done for your email marketing services
• Anyone who is managing an email list 
• Cybersecurity staff with a desire to implement DMAC

You can either attend this course yourself or enroll someone else to take the course and implement everything they'll learn for you.  It doesn't matter if you're an entrepreneur, small business owner, work for someone else, or are the employee of a large corporate enterprise this course will help take your emails from spam to seen, increase your open rates, and boost your business.

I know what you’re thinking… “This sounds great but I’m not tech-savvy. How will I ever figure this out?” Don’t worry. I’ve spent my entire career breaking down the techno mumbo jumbo. I break the tech down for you into small chunks. We’ll go step by step together, AND in plain English. I also provide templates to minimize errors along the way. As a bonus, you’ll also get and a private Facebook Group and Q&A sessions where I’ll answer your questions along the way.                                 

I don't want you to miss a thing!

You'll get email reminders with the link to join the training session:
• One week before courses starts
• 8 hours before each session

The dates and times of all training are all posted as events in the private Facebook group
• You'll find the link to join the training sessions here too

All live classes are recorded. Recording will be posted within 48 hours. You can access the recordings in the membership area on demand whenever you like. If you've missed the live training session you can ask your questions in the Facebook thread.

You will have lifetime access.

Due to the live nature of this course I'm not able to offer any refunds.

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